Scott Castelein is a 27-year-old native of Petoskey, MI. Growing up in a small town, as like many of his friends, he longed for adventure far from home. It wasn't until after he had left to attend The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in Minneapolis, MN and came back to visit that he realized just how stunning and picturesque it really is.

After graduating from IPR in 2009, Scott returned home to start his production company, Lake Street Media. Having a lifelong love of the outdoors, he knew he wanted to work, play and live in it. "It's been an amazing experience developing my craft, and I continue to fall further in love with the art form every day."

"Since graduating from IPR five years ago, I've had the opportunity to work with so many outstanding artists, musicians, businesses and fellow production companies on a vast array of projects ranging from TV commercials to music videos, promotional web videos to the Travel Channel and PBS, and am now releasing my first full length feature film, "Bestseller," in which I was the Director of Photography (Cinematographer) and a co-producer."

"I love traveling out west as well as exploring the many natural wonders of my home state and my passion for the outdoors is reflected in my work. I've still got a lot to learn and more to grow and I'm excited every day to see what adventures lie ahead."


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Scott Castelein

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